SmartISD Product Information

Let SmartISD put you in control of your website content. With all available features working together, managing your school district's website is a breeze.

SmartISD Features Overview

Easy User System

Easy User System

SmartISD includes an easy-to-use User System. Adding, editing and deleting users are a breeze!

Permissions are a Breeze!

Group Permissions

With SmartISD, you can give people or groups of people the ability to manage their own web pages, or all of them. It's completely up to you!

Manage Your Site YOUR Way

Web Content Manager

The Web Content Manager makes adding pages a snap. From this interface you can also turn pages on or off, reorder them, or move them around. Best of all, it's integrated with the menu system, so there's only one place to manage your content and menus!


WYSIWYG Editor (What You See Is What You Get)

Don't know HTML? Don't worry! SmartISD comes bundled with a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to edit your website as if you are editing it in Microsoft Word.

Web Frontpage Manager

Web Frontpage Manager

The Web Frontpage Manager gives the ability to add and edit content to your frontpage or throughout the website. We like to use the frontpage items for things such as news and upcoming events.

Web Calendar

Web Calendar

Add events and display them to your end users with ease! Fully featured this calendar also comes with an iCal output that allows your users to subscribe to it with their personal calendar software.

Template System

Easy Template System

Create new looks and apply them to pages with ease! Our template system is so flexible that you can have a different look-and-feel for each and every page in your website!


Configuration Area

A web-based software package without a configuration area would just be missing something. We've added global configurations that will apply to each page such as keywords and descriptions as well as changing you site name.

Full Feature List

User & Permission System  
Users System Add, Delete and Block users easily in one easy to use interface.
User Search Search for users within the system
View By Type View by the type of user, i.e. Student, Faculty, Parent
Reset Password Reset the password for user
User Statistics Quick user statistics at a glance
User Archive Archive a user without deleting them
Web Content Manager 
Page Management System Add, Delete, and Unpublish pages easily in one easy to use interface
Reorder Pages Change how the pages are ordered on your site
Move Pages Organize your pages the way you want them
One Click Publish System AJAX system that publishes and unpublishes pages with one click
Page Editing System Manage each page individually in an easy to use interface
Page Types 3 Types of Pages: Article, Summary and External Link
Publish Options Publish up or down or set to expire on a given date
Separate Title and Menu Name Keep separate names for menu system and title of the page
WYSIWYG Description Editor Edit the pages in style, little or no HTML experience needed
Microsoft Word Compatible Copy and paste directly from Word with formatting retained
File Upload Upload files such as images, documents, videos and sound files
Word-like toolbars Tools are similar to the tools used in Microsoft Word
Table Support Draw and use tables easily
Property Inspectors Set attributes for each HTML tag easily with the property inspectors
Link to Documents Link to the documents you upload
Full Window Mode Open the editor to full window mode to view page layout
Hyperlink Picker AJAX hyperlink picker for internal pages
Search Engine Optimization Each page can be optimized for search engines
Page Keywords Add keywords to each and every page
Page Descriptions Add descriptions to each and every page
Search Engine Friendly URLs Make sure search engines will index your pages
Web Frontpage Manager 
Separate Sections for Front Page Create Separate areas to use for your front page such as news, events, etc.
Separate Title and Menu Name Keep separate names for menu system and title of the page
WYSIWYG Description Editor Edit the pages in style, little or no HTML experience needed
Web News Manager 
News Management System Manage all your news from one easy-to-use interface
WYSIWYG Description Editor Edit the pages in style, little or no HTML experience needed
Publish Options Set dates to publish and take down news items ahead of time
Internal or External News Manage both public and internal news using the same interface
Internal Group Restrict viewing access to customizable groups, such as teachers, parents, staff or administrators
Keywords & Description Make news items easy to find by using keywords and brief descriptions
Web Calendar Manager 
Group Calendars Manage events for different groups, such as schools, faculty or students
On the Spot Editing Create and edit events in normal calendar view
Easily Adjustable Rename, revise, and reschedule events with a click of the mouse
Exact Scheduling Schedule events by the minute, in step with each school's schedule
Separate Calendar Views View events by day, week, or month
Cafeteria Publishing System 
Convenient Calendar Interface Update your publicly viewable cafeteria menu live on the web
Separate Menus Manage different menus for different schools
Templating System 
Pro Web Design Make professionally designed webpages say what you want
Separate Templates Each school can have its own custom design
Web Collaboration and Productivity
Message Center 
Receive & Compose Internal E-mail Send e-mail to & receive email from anyone in the district
Customizable Contact List Maintain a list of your most common contacts
Message Preview See the first line of an e-mail when you hover over the subject
Deleted Message Archive Easily view and recover recently deleted e-mails
My Calendar 
Customizable Schedule View and edit your personal calendar by day, week, or month
Easily Adjustable Rename, revise, and reschedule events with a click of the mouse
 Personal Tools
Personal Notes Keep personal notes in one easy to access place
Personal to-do List Manage personal tasks, keeping track of them by percentage complete
Personalized News View View news items pertaining directly to you
My Profile 
Updatable Profile Keep your home address, e-mail, phone number, and other personal information up to date
Password Change Maintain security by changing your password regularly
Secret Question Keep your password safe with a Secret Question of your choice
Help System
Up-to-date Documentation Get help in easy to read, step-by-step "How to" format
Video Tutorials Watch experts teaching SmartISD by using SmartISD
Personalized Support Get help from our support team via our personalized Trouble ticket system